03.Oct.13 1 year ago
  • me at restaurants: is there wi-fi
  • me at the mountains: is there wi-fi
  • me at the beach: is there wi-fi
  • me at family parties: is there wi-fi
  • me at school: is there wi-fi
  • me in hell: is there wi-fi
30.Apr.13 1 year ago

29 Signs You Were Raised By Hippies



This is actually pretty accurate.

I mean, weirdly, mindfuckingly accurate.

(Except we aren’t Jerry Garcia hippies. There are some in our group, and we were all together doing a barn raising workparty in Vermont when he died, so we observed a mourning period out of respect, but really, we just weren’t into the Grateful Dead. We were “someone get the guitar” sort of people.)

Wow. My parents are more hippy than I thought. Ahh well, so am I.

OMFG my life

30.Apr.13 1 year ago

Canadian and New York mommies!!!



Curious, which of the moms I follow live in Upstate New York or near the Canadian/New York border. My husband and I live outside of Watertown, NY. Any cool stuff to do up here? Trevor should be getting a passport soon so we’ll be heading to Canada as well…any advice about cool things to see or do?

Cities we should check out or stay away from? We’re really close to Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal.

I’ve heard great things about Montreal. I haven’t been, but all I’ve heard are good things.

You could also go to Alexandria Bay! Boldt Castle is gorgeous if you haven’t already been and it’s an awesome place to just hang out for the day. There’s a Renaissance fair close by during the summer, too, and it’s actually pretty decent!

We’ve also taken a small road trip to Niagara, which I’d totally recommend going to see, and stay on the Canadian side if you can or spend the majority of your time there. Way better than the American side.

Also, just in the local area, there are a lot of trails to walk/hike along that are just GORGEOUS during the summer.

i used to live in Gouverneur/Harrisville (about 40 minutes from Watertown) area and there are a lot of really pretty lakes to go to in the summer time up around there. i loved going there as a kid! i have got to say NNY is really pretty in the summer & fall. there are a lot of great trails & stuff as danielle said. & in the late summer & fall almost every county has a county fair on a different week which is always fun. I don’t know when apple season is (i’m thinking fall) but we used to go apple picking in Mexico, NY which i believe is a little south of Watertown on 81. There is also Enchanted Forest, which is a small amusement park/water park in Old Forge, that is really cute. It very kid themed & most of it is fairy tale themed. Also, there is a place call Old McDonalds Farm, somewhere nearby. You might have to google it! 

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reasons to date me: 1. no one will try and steal me from you 2. sometimes im funny

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March 30

We just got back from vacation in St Augustine. We had a good week & momma would love to stay there! It’s 12 days until you turn 1! So crazy! I love you tons more each day, even when I don’t think I can love you more, I do. You are the best & you are absolutely my best friend.

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